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Your favourite girl Tell us who is your favourite girl (whoever she is) and will be great if you can provide some photos or videos of her !

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Old 10-24-2010, 11:32 PM
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Most Favorite 'Recently Retired' pornstars

hey all - newbie here - just wondering if anyone else has noticed how short a FEMALE pornstars/models career seems to be nowadays...alot of my favortie girls from just a few years ago are out of the biz it seems, and there are no new vids or pics of them to be found anymore (just to name a few):

Chloe Vevier, Sophia Castello, Jennifer Luv, Bella-Marie Wolf AKA Bella Marie Wolf (who's a MMA fighter now!!!), Isabella Summers, Dana Vespoli, Avy Lee Roth (who's 'just a model' now), Mary Jane, phat ass Naomi (who supposedly either got cancer or addicted to coke)

- it seems all these girls have moved on to different things now...but i just wonder what happens to these girls - i wonder if they make so much money in just a few years of doing porn that they can afford to start up their own business or move to hawaii and settle down or retire or something...certainly all of them got tired of it, but i just find it so interesting to discover what they do with their lives post-porn...because surely there are not too many other industries where you can make so much instant cash...people in the porn/sex industry play against the 'rules of society' (like going to college, working 9 to 5, getting paid with cheks routine etc etc.) and get away with it...its just hard to imagine what makes them decide to start playing according to the rules again...maybe they probably never do 'play by the rules,' - maybe they;ve all just found better schemes to work at.

this thread was mostly intended as a statement on how the porn industry is the perfect example of '15 minutes of fame,' but to make it interactive, i guess we could start making a list of all the sorely missed babes who have recently disappeared from porn and/or discussing what they do now outside of porn if anyone knows about that too.

anyways this is my first attempt at a thread here at my long beloved kaskoos - so any and all responses to anything i have said is totally welcomed.
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